Bajan Ackee



Bajan Ackee (Melicoccus bijugatus)

Bajan Ackees, known in some other Caribbean islands as guineps, are fruit bearing trees that are plentiful in Barbados.  This plant can grow in a wide range of soil types but prefers soil that is well drained.  Established plants are very drought tolerant and can survive salty winds.  Ackees can be eaten raw or cooked. The fruit is juicy and sweet in most cases, with a slightly acidic flavour.  In Barbados, these fruits are usually eaten raw but they can also be cooked in pies, jams and jellies.  They also make a cooling drink.

Medicinally, the bark is used to treat dysentery and the leaves are used to minimize perspiration.  

Fun Fact: The seed of this fruit, when roasted is a substitute for cassava.

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Medium (3gal/10inch)


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