Walkers Reserve Nursery

Our Nursery is at the foundation of the Walkers Reserve regeneration project. The plants that are used to regenerate the Walkers Sand Quarry into a nature reserve and food forest are organically grown in our greenhouses. Regenerative agroforestry practices sit at the heart of our restorative work. Permaculture methods support the growth of indigenous seaside plants, food-producing plants, ornamentals, medicinal herbs and species that are essential to effective land management at Walkers Reserve. 

As part of our product offering you can also check out our shop for tailored regenerative experiences. From hikes traversing the unique topography of the Scotland District on the East Coast of Barbados, to birding and apicultural experiences, you can book your eco-adventure.

About Walkers Reserve

Walkers Reserve is a quarry restoration and regeneration project located within the Walkers Savannah, nestled within a discrete and ecologically integral region of Barbados known as the Scotland District. The Scotland District represents 15% of the island with the geologically distinct substrate of this region supporting:

1. Barbados’ largest forested areas,

2. Major rural agricultural activities,

3. Various natural and cultural heritage sites & tourism attractions. 

Due to the area’s importance, the Government of Barbados (GoB) has placed considerable emphasis on sustainable management of the Scotland District and surrounding areas. Consequently, the GoB has regulated physical development activities within the Scotland District and adopted a conservation program that is aimed at preventing further land degradation, slope destabilization and associated erosion. 

Within the Scotland District, Walkers Sand Quarry is being regenerated using holistic and climate-smart methods of habitat restoration.The Walkers Reserve landscape is extremely complex, with over 300 acres of land rising majestically from the northeastern shore of Barbados. Sand dunes, sandstone cliffs, forest, clay hills, ponds, wetlands, and so much more fill this vibrant ecosystem. 

From 1968 to 2009, this land was known as Walkers Quarry. It was essential to national growth for its unique geological silica sand resource. Nearly every building in Barbados is constructed, in part, from Walkers Quarry sand. Despite the massive outputs necessary to build a nation, Walkers Quarry managed to steward and protect one of the largest native beachside forests on the island.

WIRRED is transitioning and transforming Walkers Quarry into Walkers Reserve right before our eyes. Through the hard work and knowledge of local and international experts coupled with the goodwill of the community and stakeholders, this area that was once mined to build Barbados is now being sculpted, planted, and regenerated to increase biodiversity and co-create self sustaining ecosystems.

WIRRED is dedicated to inspiring and teaching other extraction-oriented businesses around the world how to develop regenerative post-extraction models that benefit local communities and the environment by restoring such areas back to ecological health in a similar fashion to the pioneering work of Walkers Quarry.

Learn more about WIRRED and Walkers Reserve story at https://wirred.org